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How To Relieve Tooth Pain

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Your tooth is aching, but your dentist is booked out until the end of the week. How can you relieve the pain until your dentist appointment? There are a few options to help you carry on with life painlessly until the dentist can treat you. Toothache Plant Toothache plant, also known as jambu, is a natural way to sooth pain in your mouth. When you rub one of the leaves against your gum, it will create a numbing sensation within a few seconds. You can also chew the leaf and hold it against your gum or tooth. The numbing effect will wear off...

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4 Tips to Help Children Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

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A trip to the dental clinic is inevitable, especially when your child’s first set of primary teeth start to come in. Many parents don’t realise how important is it to look after emerging baby teeth carefully to help in proper jaw development and cleaning. For children, a visit to the dentist is scary and intimidating. Here are some genius tips to help your kids overcome their fear of dentists for an enjoyable and productive dental experience. Keep Your Dentist Constant It helps when you are able to bring children to a familiar...

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What’s the Goss about Dental Floss?

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Children learn from an early age about the important of teeth brushing but flossing is equally important and less well understood. Here is a quick primer on the best way to approach flossing. How often should I floss? You should floss every time you brush your teeth and especially any time between brushes that you feel something is stuck between your teeth. Flossing performing a similar function to brushing in that it removed plaque and food scraps, from one surface of the tooth (albeit a slim surface). In some case brushing can actually...

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A Guide to Hyperdontia & How It Affects Your Child’s Developing Teeth

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Parents always carefully observe the development of their children’s teeth and eventually twenty primary teeth have erupted by the time the child is around three years old. These are then replaced by the permanent or adult teeth by around the age of twelve. Occasionally, extra teeth may develop in an irregularity known as hyperdontia.   Use this guide to gain more information about this condition and what you can do if you suspect your child may be affected. What Causes Hyperdontia? The underlying cause of this condition is not yet...

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Fixing peg teeth with cosmetic dentistry

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Peg teeth are smaller than standard teeth and come in with a tapered shape. Peg teeth most often occur in the lateral incisors, but can be observed in any of the teeth. While the peg teeth are often too small to be functional, they don’t tend to cause too many issues beyond the non-ideal appearance. Luckily with cosmetic dentistry the issues can be fixed without too much work or discomfort to the patient. The cosmetic dentist will start the process by performing a full smile analysis and putty impressions of the bite to determine the...

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Ask Your Dentist How They Can Help You With Anti-Aging

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Baby boomers are coming of retirement age. As they do, they are increasingly worried about their future. They want to know how they can live a healthy lifestyle into maturity, and even reverse some of the effects of all that excess in previous decades. Technological advances are on their side, with a lot of investment in latter year healthcare. Indeed, the anti-aging industry is expected to grow at a rate of 7.8% between now and 2019. If you want to investigate the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, ask your dentist how they can help in...

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All You Need To Know About Dental Implants

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If you have lost a tooth or some of your teeth and are concerned about your personal appearance, your best option is to see your dentist for a dental implant. The procedure for getting an implant may sound scary, but it actually is very simple. This article provides you with an overview of dental implants so you know what to expect. What Is A Dental Implant? Essentially, these are screws that act as tooth roots. They provide a solid foundation for removable or permanent replacement teeth. What Is Required For An Implant? Anyone who is healthy...

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